The C.O.R.E. Model

The CORE model helps businesses and people thrive and be excellent by intervening at the core of the problem.

It is a tool for effective communication, purposeful outcomes, meaningful relationships and system ecology. A breakthrough program for business and personal excellence.

CORE Model

Breakthrough program for 



3 months breakthrough program for business and personal excellence.


The C. O. R. E model is a tool for effective communication, purposeful outcomes, meaningful relationships and system ecology.


The fact is that 95% of the challenges companies face are a result of bad communication.

The C.O.R.E. Model

is a tool for

Effective communication

Purposeful outcomes

Meaningful relationships

System ecology

Our clients

Challenge то Excellence

Because this is the power of the C.O.R.E. model!

Viktoria Jordanovska

Systemic Peak Performance Coach & NLP Trainer; Inner Resource & Possibility Developer; Communications Expert and OPTIMIST

About Us

Viktoria & Martina

Two communication experts. 

Four different languages. 

One cross-cultural and diversity expert. 

One structure and system expert. 

One calm and grounded. 

One energizing and dreamer. 

So many differences, yet so many similarities. 

Limitless possibilities. 

Together, a perfect team to help you experience transformation at the CORE!

Martina Jeric-Ruzovits

Intercultural Business Communication
Trainer & Coach;  Business Consultant;
Personal Motivator & Accountability Partner

Only motivated employees are good employees.


Gorana Sandric, Head of Group Talent Development @Coco Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

“I have found myself being overwhelmed with cultural differences although I thought I was prepared for a move. Having that experience, I would always recommend to work with Martina and get the support you need to enjoy living in the new country. And…learning the language is a must in my view.”

Maria Viilukas, Online Marketing Trainer in Adult Education @ Fly up Advertising

“Martina Jeric-Ruzovits supported me in defining the “current state” and the “target state” with the right questions, and in creating a plan on how to achieve my goals. Thanks to the conversation with her, within a few days I was able to easily implement the first points, from my newly created plan, on my own. It was the necessary kick I really needed – I had been in a work standstill for several months. “

Ramy Fouda, Director of Sales and Business Development, MEA @ Netcetera

“Viktoria is a great and knowledgeable instructor of the communication topic which is one of the most important soft skills that anyone could use and utilize in his/her career especially in customer-facing posts like sales. I would highly recommend such training for sales teams to have a common understanding and expectations about communication internally and externally.”

Jelica Ivanovska, Plant Leader & Head of Organizational Development @ Cranfield Foundry

“This training has taught me a lot. About myself, about my family, about my team, about my organization. And I use it. 

I use it to develop myself. I use it to coach my team and help them in their personal and professional growth, to resolve conflict, to help them see the other people’s map of the world. I use it as a tool to motivate them, improve communication and strengthen team cohesion. 

I use it to be a better leader and a better person.

I know it is ‘only’ a set of tools and not magic, but sometimes it sure feels like it.”


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